The Way of the River

2015 - 2017

Powder coated perforated aluminium

Public art collaboration with Architects Johannsen & Associates, Kath Fries (artist) and Todd Turner (poet)

Corner of Cowper and Bold Streets, Granville, NSW


A public art project within the Parramatta Council area of Sydney that incorporates the poem 'Grace' by local poet Todd Turner, which references the local river system and natural environment. The work is designed to flow (like a river) around the residential/commercial building so that viewers are able to read selected passages from the poem as they move around the exterior.




There was something in the rain, in the way it


Something in the way of the birds. And in

the way of the river. Something in the way it fell.

Something about how the river rose, and

about the stillness of the birds on the banks

in the rain

and about the way the air made it feel possible

to forgive - 

and be forgiven.


                                          Todd Turner, 2014


Way of the River east    Way of the River east cowper

Wast Wall detail 



Japanese Textile Workshops residency

Fujino, Japan

May 2016


Please click on the above link for a selection of images of work from my residency at Japanese Textile Workshops in Fujino, Japan. Indigo shibori dyeing, silk processing, cord weaving, and resist stencil dyeing were covered in the ten day workshop, which was an immersive experience in Japanese culture, craft-based artisan practice and semi-rural living.

Finished shibori